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What Really Makes Me Mad | 2013



The work awarded first prize at the Gvanim Bemahol (Shades of Dance) Festival 2013.

Judges explanation:

“The work tied the personal and political aspects together in a heart-felt, touching and sincere manner. It presented unique movement in its solo parts coupled with clear symbols, whilst being charged with universal, historic and religious elements. It should be commended for it's courage to  choose stillness in place of movement”

Choreography: Adi Boutrous

Performers: Stav Struz, Adi Boutrous

Music: Beirut, Melhem Barakat, Andrea Belfi

Lighting Design: Ori Morag

Photography: Gadi Dagon

The work premiered at 'Gvanim Bemahol' (Shades of Dance) Festival 2013 under the artistic direction of Idit Herman.

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