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Separately Trapped | 2015



The work deals with our obsessive desire to define ourselves in space, a self-definition that simultaneously enables us to codify others and, for those who are desirous of it, to enhance separation from them. This need to define our environment guarantees that we will never merge and integrate. However, whether we aspire to this or not, the merging will ultimately ensue, either in the earth or the wind, and until it takes place all that remains for us is to inhabit and witness our inevitable passivity of inaction, unable to offer a counter-balance.

Choreography: Adi Boutrous

Performers: Ahuva Keren, Avshalom Latucha, Adi Boutrous

Artistic advice and management rehearsal: Anat Vaadia

Lighting design: Nadav Barnea

Costume design: Adam Kalderon

Photography: Gadi Dagon

The work premiered at 'Curtain Up' 2015 under the artistic direction of Itzik Giuli.

The work is supported by the Yehoshua Rabinovich Tel Aviv Foundation for the Arts.

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