One More Thing | 2020



In One More Thing, Adi Boutrous strives to convey a state of listening, solidarity and support for the other. The use of force, carrying, devotion to a body, and the shapes of a structure based on a rite of passage, express the relationship between individual and group. In their reflection, the work reveals further layers of masculinity, the potential of synchronization, and a common destiny.

One More Thing is a co-production of Adi Boutrous, Théâtre de la Ville – Paris and fabrik Potsdam. The work is supported by The Foundation for Independent Creators founded by the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the residency program at the Arab – Jewish community Center, Jaffa.

Choreography, performance, soundtrack design and edit: Adi Boutrous

Creating Performers: Ariel Gelbart, Jeremy Alberge, Uri Dicker

Rehearsal Director: May Zarhy

Lighting Design: Ofer Laufer

Costumes: Stav Struz

Photography: Ariel Tagar

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