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It's Always Here | 2016



It's Always Here explores national and gender identities. Throughout the work the points of contact between the bodies invite an analogy to relationships as I experience them in the daily sphere: manipulative, conflictual, aggressive, and simultaneously intimate, tender and protective. A primary source of influence that nourishes these relationships on an ongoing basis is our regional political situation. Our bodies have assimilated the echoes of struggle, calling for us to strive for contact, to define boundaries, to blur them, and step by step to merge. Precisely as our masculinity crystallizes against the backdrop of a violent and incessant ideological dispute, and constantly amends itself in response to it, so the dominant voice within our social order bolsters the maintenance of the masculine stereotype. It’s Always Here enables us to open ourselves to exposure and honesty, as we are, as we would want to be.

Choreography: Adi Boutrous

Performers: Avshalom Latucha, Adi Boutrous

Artistic advice and rehearsal director: Anat Vaadia

Lighting design: Yoav Barel

Soundtrack design and edit: Adi Boutrous

Music: Francisco Lopez, Prince Conley, Entrance

Photography: Tamar lamm 

The work premiered at 'Curtain Up' 2016 under the artistic direction of Hillel Kogan.

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