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The Contemporary Eye, Idit Suslik | 21 November 2016

Shown at Curtain Up Festival 2016.
Adi Boutrous’ work, It's Always Here, stands at the outer edge of simplistic with nearly no help from elements aside  from the moving body to say something about the way in which “the body carries our identity (from the program).” On a stripped bare stage, Boutrous and Avshalom Latucha move- at one point together, in sync by listening and responding to one another, at another point each defines a distinct path of his own. The choreography is drawn from contact improvisation and even hip hop in the intensivity of the movement and technical virtuosity. Through the developing relationship between the two bodies, these known elements and practices receive a new depth: such is the case in a section in which Boutrous and Latucha move in different directions while maintaining contact with their heads, as if they are incapable of separating or in long moments of leaning on one another, which at times appear intimate cradling and at others as if the body carrying is struggling not to collapse under the other’s weight. The movement of the two leaves no physical state unchecked: they dance with one another, on one another, under and through each other’s bodies. Thus, the body reveals the delicate and complex dynamic of the identity of this pair and how it is fed, bleeds together, supports and even compromises the personal identity of each. 


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