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DanceTalk, Ora Brafman | 14 November 2016

Curtain Up Festival, Suzanne Dellal Center, 9-11 November 
It started with It's Always Here, a duet by Adi Boutrous, which he dances together with Avshalom Latucha. Boutrous is consistently developing his language and approach to the body, and in my opinion, this work is the most complete that I have seen. Boutrous writes, “The body carries our identity.” No one better understands this than him. His point of origin is political in the depth in which it is human. He sees a connection between the reaction of the body and the events of the public arena, an interesting lens through which to see and absorb this work. Both excellent dancers employ contact and the angles of hip hop that have been arranged and clarified to the right level while maintaining their authenticity in a brilliantly staged composition. The work has no shortage of goodies such as a series of falling-rolling-headstands, which of course point at ability but more than that at an excellent sense of rhythm and timing. To know how far to push a point is an innate skill. There were many beautiful moments of contact, poignant horizontal lifts, inch by inch movements on the back, if you wish- to the point of departure. In this work, there is a level of exposure of sub-epidermal feelings, of yearning and of boundaries. It worked for me. 


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