Homeland Lesson

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״Adi Boutrous caught the attention of the world of dance-lovers when he performed in We Love Arabs by Hillel Kogan who, at the end of 2013, was crowned by the Israeli dance critics circle as the outstanding choreographer of the previous year. Shortly prior to that, Boutrous himself won first prize at the festival Shades of Dance for his very personal creation What Really Makes Me Mad.


Boutrous took the prize he was awarded, supported by the Suzanne Dellal Center, and invested it into his solo work Homeland Lesson, which further strengthened his identity as a performer and choreographer who is refining a language that is more personal, accessible, empathetic, and which is in dialogue with issues that are at the center of public discourse, both socially and politically.


As referenced in his previous work, in which he explored his relationship with his partner, the dancer Stav Struz, set against the backdrop of familiar social perceptions regarding his identity as an Israeli Arab, and his place in a country which aggressively defines its identity, so too his new work which speaks with rare frankness about the relationship between the home and those inhabiting it.


Once again the work has a very clear message, when Boutrous uses a green classroom chalk-board as a road-map from within the house, which first appears as a dining table, and then as an external cross-section of the structure, and later as a field and earth. Against the backdrop of the images he offers, and accompanied by the nuanced music created by Nadav Arnon, he moves on a stage designed by Noa Schwartz, and to the lighting design of Omer Shizaf.


Boutrous moves with a lightness that at times looks almost natural and prosaic, and at others almost ethereal, as if trying to understand reality “from above” if not “from within.” Alone, in a movement language that fulfills his promise as exhibited in What Really Makes Me Mad, he creates the physical, mental and emotional states that enable him to explore the meaning of the notion of “The Homeland” and his personal place in it. 


In this way Adi Boutrous succeeds in expressing the eternal pursuit by each of the viewers for their individual “Homeland”. A beautiful piece that invites anticipation for a future additional chapter.״

(Zvi Goren, Habama)

Choreography and performance: Adi Boutrous

Music: Nadav Arnon 

Stage Design: Noa Schwartz

Lighting Design: Omer Shizaf

Photography: Gadi Dagon 

The work premierd at TLV Dance Festival 2014, Tel Aviv.